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Some signs of storm damage and what they mean for your roof

Some signs of storm damage and what they mean for your roof:Some signs of storm damage and what they mean for your roof:ome’s structural integrity. If you don’t want the storm to cause damage to your siding and gutters, call H&A Roofing for a roof inspection to determine the extent of storm damage.

So after reading about all the signs of storm damage and what they signify, we hope you have become aware of how crucial it is not to delay a roof inspection and repairs. The problem with delaying an inspection and repairs is that roof damage tends to grow if left unfixed. Replacing a few shingles right after the storm can save your underlayment and roofing decking and prevent leaks. Fixing your gutter can protect your home’s foundation from weakening due to soil erosion and control your walls from developing mold and rot.

In the adverse times after the storm has caused visible damage to your roof, we at H&A Roofing are there to provide you with quick and efficient roof repair services. We have experience working with various roofing materials and building styles. All of our contractors are licensed and insured to protect your roofing project.

Our goal is to be there for you in these difficult times and make the roof repairs as hassle-free and reasonably priced for you as possible.

Why choose us?

We provide upfront pricing for your storm-damaged roof repairs

We understand that in these times of adversity, the last thing you need is price surprises that break your bank. Therefore, we are incredibly meticulous with our quotes, so we don’t have to bill you an amount that is more than what you were anticipating. We want to help you mitigate your stress, not add to it.

A roofing contractor who cares

At H&A Roofing we value your hard-earned money and aim to exceed your expectations with our high-quality work; therefore, we are cautious with diagnosing your roofing problems. We are proud of always suggesting the appropriate repairs, so your money is spent to fix the actual issues. Our fixes are not temporary; our work will last long. We want people to remember us with good names and recommend us to their family and friends. Check out our reviews!

Some signs of storm damage and what they mean for your roof